Lynn Avery & Cole Pulice - To Live & Die In Space & Time (Tape)


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LYNN AVERY and COLE PULICE return with a new album of piano, synthesizers, tenor sax, wind synths and electronics. Following their excellent previous albums (ICEBLINK's Carpet Cocoon and Pulice’s Gloam) the duo moves into otherworldly ambience that straddles acoustic and digital spaces, evoking an uncanny world both strange and familiar. To Live & Die In Space & Time began with an improvised set at the 2020 Drone Not Drones festival in Minneapolis that unveiled new worlds of sonic possibilities the duo wanted to re-approach. Lynn and Cole continued exploring this palette of sounds and ideas in the months that followed, a practice that continued as they relocated across the country and settled in their now home of Oakland, California. Lynn and Cole were not initially intending to create an "album"—instead, they were just committed to a regular practice of improvising, recording, forgetting, re-approaching, alchemizing old & new ideas, and allowing material to shapeshift. Eventually, something like an album revealed itself, which Lynn and Cole honed into To Live & Die in Space & Time.