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After Hicksville , Dylan Horrocks continues to explore the world of comics. In full depression, his hero, author of comics, seeks to reconnect with the love of his profession.

By the time he was publishing Pickle, his own comic book, Sam Zabel enjoyed some critical fame, but over time, his marriage to Sally, the birth and education of his two sons, the routine fell into place. settled down and plunged into chronic depression. To be honest, Sam has lost his passion for comics; he can no longer even deliver his scripts for the series Lady Night. Six years already of creative powerlessness! For what reasons ? His subconscious gradually reveals it to him. First by involving her super heroine in an erotic reverie. Then by taking Sam through the looking glass and catapulting him on a hectic fantasy adventure on Mars, right after finding in a thrift store an old sci-fi comic. Sam will suddenly find himself crowned King of Mars,
In Hicksville , the graphic novel that made him famous, Dylan Horrocks took a fresh look at the history of the 9th art and the not always brilliant behind the scenes of the entertainment industry. With this new tale in the form of a mise en abyme, he brilliantly questions the theme of creators and their creation in the sometimes neurotic world of comics, while paying a vibrant tribute to the limitless power of the forces of the world. 'imaginary.