Man Or Astroman? - Space 1991


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The four-piece known as Man…or Astro-Man? have been using the pandemic to conduct more research at Astro Labs and a by-product is a new vinyl single! The B-side features a cover by Solid Space. Space 1991. The year the future finally begins! You now indeed live in the future. The past is so outdated and we all know how fleeting the present is, so seriously... why not live in the future? In fact, the first ever computer “website” was created this very year. Soon enough, everyone will have their own personal “website” or “webspace” that will reside in its own virtual “domain.” Think of it: everyone in the whole world will be now be digitally connected and able to interact in just a matter of a few minutes. Dear citizens of the past and present: we want to welcome you all. Enjoy the future. The future is now. To hear secret “in between” side, turn this record 45 degrees to a vertical position and place needle on outer side edge of the disc.

Exclusive limited black vinyl edition