Misfits - Earth A.D.

Say what you will about "Static Age" or "Walk Among Us"; "Earth A.D.", the final album from the Danzig-era Misfits, is the quintessential punk/thrash album of it's time. Featuring the best drumming of the Danzig-era Misfits, and a harder edge in terms of attitude and vocals; "Earth A.D." is nothing short of pure energetic ear candy from start to finish. Featuring classic tracks like "Green Hell", "Die, Die My Darling", and the title track; plus fan favorites like "Devilock", "Death Comes Ripping", and "Mommy, Can I Go Out & Kill Tonight?"; "Earth A.D." is not only a must have for any and every serious Misfits fan, but an excellent introduction for new fans to the band. Metallica's covers of "Green Hell" and "Die, Die My Darling" are nothing compared to the originals!