Negativa - 03


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The third album from Spanish black metal miserists Negativa (now featuring H.V. of Wormlust/Mystískaos fame on vocals): complete dehumanization and self-disintegration through the morbid adoration of the void. In a way not dissimilar to what we've seen in bands like MGLA, Drudkh, Hate Forrest, and Sargesit, on this new album Negativa maintain the riffs and an epic melodic sensitivity the focal point of their work, unfolding an hypnotic and solemn mid-tempo trudge packed with soaring progressions and tenebrous atmospheres. While the songwriting itself remains epic and glistening with a sinister aura of solemnity, under the surface seethes a churning fog of decaying death and diseased squalor that completes Negativa's wicked design of harnessing the utmost embodiment of misery and dread.