Noods - Blush (Tape)


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Noods’ debut album is called Blush, and the title is a statement of purpose. But while the individuals in the band may tend toward shyness, none of this is reflected in the record. It is a taut, wired,and catchy blast of non-stop spunky and heartfelt energy, with no dead space, awkward beats or pauses. A veritable indie pop carousel drawn from a rich fabric of personal and romantic experiences, Blush runs the sonic gambit from twee lo-fi guitar pop to richly impressionistic dream pop scapes, with surprising jolts of everything else from Laurel Canyon, to grunge, to Drake. On the NY DIY scene, Noods has accrued a reputation for cuteness, but those quirks belie the depth of feeling inside this music; there is little more affecting than a sad song sung happily, and that truth is at the beating heart of Blush.