Plague Organ - Orphan

With influences ranging from deviant free-form jazz, drone and dark ambient, to ritualistic black and death metal all the way to the most erratic strains of kraut and improvised psychedelia, abhorrent avant-garde/ambient black/death metal deformity Plague Organ debut with their first ever offering, "Orphan", a spiraling and malformed mantra of deviated experimentalism and inverted incantations designed to bore into the listener's mind and ravage it of its sanity. On the single forty-minute track, the deranged Dutch duo (who feature members from death metal deliriants Cryptae, Imperial Cult, Dead Neanderthals are more) unravel a single nauseating and diseased spell of guitar-less aural claustrophobia made of hallucinating synth patterns, obsessive percussions, psychotic bass-lines, blood-curdling grunts and spectral lamentations that combined unison weave a suffocating and disorienting fractal of self-replicating passages, making the listener feel asphyxiated in a dimensionless maze with no discernible exit. Trapped inside the near-geometric absurdity the listener becomes the subject of a lucid nightmare as they sink deeper into a state of catatonic delirium and of helpless hypnosis while their psyche is meticulously consumed and devoured by the album's abhorrent repetitions and winding hypnotic deformities. By all means a triumph in fringe sonic experimentalism and among the most accomplished and unclassifiable avant-garde extreme metal anomalies of the year, "Orphan" is a must for all fans of other deranged experimentalists like Ride for Revenge, Sunn O))), Chaos Echoes, Antediluvian, Oksennus, Sect Pig and beyond.