Profane Order - Slave Mortality


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“Perverse Demoniac” shows promise of a band growing by leaps and bounds with each release, and war metal aficionados must put Slave Morality at the top of their list for some of the best bestial black metal to come out this year."
- last Rites

"To be sure, the sound is abrasive and hateful, but it’s not utterly saturated in distortion. You can make out what’s happening — and the riffing changes. It rises, writhes, and falls in a display of dismal yet boiling, plague-like infestation. In the mood of its melody (and yes, there is a melody) it seems to straddle a line between misery and malefic majesty. And the riffing changes again, delivering physically compulsive, jolting sensations."
- No Clean Singing

"On Slave Morality all of the band’s most terrifying traits blossom into an onslaught of aural warfare and blinding terror that knows absolutely no end or boundary, and the album stands high as one of the most uncompromising, feral, and lawless slabs of musical terrorism that has been put to tape all year. Press play and witness for yourself…"
-Cvlt Nation