Silkworm - In the West

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"Authentic yet often ineffable greatness that would define Silkworm’s next 11 years of activity, the reissue of In The West is a grand corrective gesture with no expiration date.”- Andrew Earles

This definitive reissue of Silkworm’s second album In the West marks its first appearance on vinyl.

It has been remixed from the original 2" tape at Electrical Audio in Chicago with Steve Albini, who also engineered the original recording in 1993.

It was remastered with Matthew Barnhart at Chicago Mastering Service.

The revamped cover art is courtesy longtime fellow traveler Mike Hoffman, Jr. Mike repurposed some elements from the original art by Adrian VanEgmond and otherwise operated in the spirit of the original packaging.

Everything visual was put together as usual by the band and David Babbitt.