Sleepwalker ( 夢遊病者 ) - Yus ( Ѫ )


Now a world-renowned phenomenon in the extreme/experimental underground, 夢遊病者 return with another catastrophic mindfuck of shapeshifting and disorienting psychedelic black metal mastery that will shatter your synapses.

Ѫ ("Yus") represents a crossing of worlds between the old and the new, the passing of power and skill from ancestor to youth and their successes and failures, the portal between distinct cultures, the obsolete alphabets and their new acquired meanings and the evolution of language and it’s proxy disciplines like music. While in Buddhism, the zen concept of 無 signifies “nothingness”, “not having” and the “absence of something”, it’s obsolete variant Yus (Ѫ) or modern “У” in Cyrillic, implies “to be near” or to be “in possession of”. In Traditional Chinese, the symbol denotes “shaman” or “sorcerer”, while in Eastern Mari “У” connotes the idea of the “new”. This sometimes contradictory cross-cultural phenomenon of dying language and obsolete literary systems taking on new meaning and symbolism was the inspiration for this short EP. Can a creation live on—if even in other forms— like offspring, or will it simply perish with time?