Surfbort - Friendship Music


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Surfbort, a four-piece punk band from Brooklyn, New York made up of David Head, Alex Kilgore, Sean Powell and led by Dani Miller, channels inspiration from the 80’s punk scene to produce rousing, explosive music. Surfbort’s live experience is visceral and confrontational. Their feedback-strafed, guitar-shredding punk music says no to a digital age full of intolerance; they radiate love and friendship. All are welcome in the SURFBORT FREAK FAMILY!

“The overall feeling of the record is being aware of how fucked up the world is and getting together with friends to support each other and fight the messed-up systems that are in place harming innocent people. The record is about romance with other freaks. The record is about screaming and dancing at the end of the world. It’s anti-white supremacy, anti-rapist, anti-hate, anti-our-fucked-up-government. The record will hopefully be a friend to the masses and make people feel less alone”.