The Partisans - s/t


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What can be said about one of the most iconic '80s UK Punk/Oi! Albums other than it maybe one of the top Punk albums of the '80s. Originally released in the UK in 1983 on No Future Records. Having their start in 1978 South Wales, influenced by the Sex Pistols, Clash and Ramones, by 1981 they had released their debut single on No Future Records, it went to #5 on the UK Indie charts. Their 1982 second single went to #2 on the UK indie Charts. By the time this album was released it went straight to #2 on the UK Indie Charts and #1 on the unofficial Sounds Magazine Punk Charts. Often cited along with releases from bands such as Blitz, GBH, Sub-Humans, Vice Squad as one of the most seminal and influential '80s UK Punk albums of all time. The album is played with strong musicianship and instantly memorable songs such as "No U Turns," "17 Years of Hell," "Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is," "Don't Blame Us" and "Mindless Violence." This is the first domestic US pressing on vinyl of this top Punk Classic.