Tony Molina - Confront the Truth


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When Tony Molina released "Confront The Truth" in 2016 it had been three long years since his previous record (the now-classic album "Dissed And Dismissed") and anticipation was intense. Tony's crunchy Teenage Fanclub-meets-Replacements power-pop was informed sonically and spiritually by his beloved SF South Bay area DIY punk scene, but "Confront The Truth" confounded the desire for more of the same by spotlighting Tony's formidable songwriting with spare, mostly acoustic arrangements that hearken back to the circa 1967 psychedelic folk-pop of early Bee Gees, The Move, The Beatles and Tomorrow. Out-of-print for several years, we're happy to bring this record back on vinyl now, and this time as a 12" rather than 7" to give these beautiful, delicate songs more room to breathe. Truly the kind of aural tonic we all need right now.