V/A - 2nd Life Silk


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Ten years into the fold and still 100%. 2nd Life Silk celebrates the label's decade anniversary in the spirit in which it started: inclusive, interwoven, and independent. All 11 artists (or aliases) are new to the roster, stationed from Saint Leonards to San Francisco, Portland to Pittsburgh, spanning deserts, everglades, and intercoastal urban jungles. The sounds are sidewinding and singular but share a mood of hypnotic movement, homemade and low slung, slow strobe dance transmissions from back rooms and basements. Across 69 minutes the compilation surfs memory disco, snake-charmer jack, eco-techno, spiral tribalism, diamond downtempo, breatharian house, skyscraper smooth groove, and mystic new wave fusion, riding different waves of the same sea. Rhythm isn't strict and gates don't need keepers. From one life to the 2nd, music will outlast it all.