- Old Data in a New Machine, Vol 1 (Red Vinyl)


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"Massachusetts hardcore punk rockers Vein.FM are out now with Old Data in a New Machine, Vol. 1, a remix record via Closed Casket. The album offers a variety of industrial, techno, and experimental noise rock complimented by ambient and atmospheric moments.

Many of the tracks are full of unpredictable and surprising turns. The album starts off with “20 seconds : 20 hours,” a chill song with mellow singing and guitars blending together in a trip hop style. “ripple+,” by comparison, is a much heavier hitter. Beginning with a sludgey bass and hard drumming, “ripple+” then introduces punk vocals and groove-metal riffs.

Some tunes sound like many different songs packed into one. “heretic+” is super experimental and noisy with unpredictable riffs and melodies. “TR+” offers ambient and death metal guitar licks later juxtaposed by low and slow doom metal riffs.    

The electronic vibes are strong on Old Data in a New Machine, Vol. 1, particularly in “broken glass (nightstalker mix).” “virus://vibrance (3 wheel mix),” on the other hand, has subdued, almost muffled singing in the backdrop of drum and bass. “doomtech (crooked jaw mix)” has horror-sounding, industrial noise metal. “old data in a dead machine (demo 2016)” is another song that feels like many songs in one, with doom metal in the beginning and death metal afterwards. 

Fans of hardcore and electronic music will find enjoyment in Old Data in a New Machine, Vol. 1. The marriage of the diverse-yet-complimentary styles of sound offer a well-rounded and satisfying experience for listeners. " - New Noise Magazine