Wrath of Fantomas


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This Eisner-nominated graphic novel features the stunning reimagining of a classic French literary character, dubbed the first ever superhero.

Freely adapted from the work of Marcel Allain and Pierre Souvestre, with a plot worthy of the best black novels, Rocheleau plunges the reader into the Paris of the 1910s and provokes terror and fascination by resuscitating Fantomas, the evil character with a hundred faces...

Fantomas is the first superhero in history. All masked men and women who grace the pages of American comics and movie screens are his illegitimate children. The blood of Fantomas flows in the veins of each of them.

Written by Oliver Bocquet (Snowpiercer) and illustrated by the Eisner Award-Nominated artist, Julia Rochelau, this edition was noimated for the 2020 Eisner Award for Best U.S. Edition of International Material.