Drunk Uncle - O, brittle weather! (Moss Green Vinyl LP)


Drunk Uncle isolated themselves into a cabin on an East Texas farm to write and record the follow up to their debut Look Up in 2022. The result "O, brittle weather!" is a thoughtful, probing album that explores a cacophony of sounds in a playful and whimsical way. The album feels like a telling of a great story- songs like pages colored with splashes of acoustic and electric guitars, floating bass, keys, horns, and percussion that ranges from a whole kit to a single tambourine that succinctly cues up the next chapter. Narrated by melodic vocals belting out emotional poetry, "O, brittle weather!" seems to plead with you to keep listening until the last word. Then, it begs you to listen again. Most bands are content to just collect a handful of songs and group them together as an album. Drunk Uncle strived to make something bigger than themselves. And wouldn't you know it, they succeeded.