Pull List Comics

A comics pull list is a list of single issue comics that a comic collector would like to buy every time the title is released. A comics store will set up a pull list (sometimes called a “pull file” a “pull box” or a "subscription list") for you, and pull that title every time it is released.

This service is currently only available in the local Brooklyn and Greater New York City area

If you'd like to start a Pull List with us, please email VFcomics@gmail.com with your phone number and the titles and #s you would like to start with.
You also must come in to leave your credit card on file with us before we start a list for you.

Pull List Policies

1. We require anyone interested in starting a pull list to start with at least 5 titles. 
2. You MUST come pick up your books from us at least once a month, though we recommend coming in each Wednesday (new comic release day) to check out what is available.
3. A current credit or debit card MUST be kept on file with us. If you fail to show up after a month we will notify you and charge your card for the items currently in your box.
4. To begin, your books take about two weeks to arrive. You may add or remove comics in-store with ilana or over email via the address above.
5. If you don't plan on committing to at least a year of having a Pull List, please do not initiate one. 
6. We do not put Pull Lists on hold. Once you cancel your list, you may not start one again. 
7. You must commit to pulling comics with us for a minimum of 2 years.