Special Orders

We are happy to accept special orders on both comic books and vinyl records. While some items have limited pressings or may be recently out of print, we will do our best to check if we have the item you want, either in stock at our shop or with our distributors. 
We are working on a way to streamline special orders but in the mean time, send an email to VinylFantasyBK@gmail.com with the title:

"SPECIAL ORDER, [Your Name], [The item(s) You Are Special Ordering]"

In your email please indicate whether you will be picking up the item in-store or if it needs shipping. In the case that it needs to be shipped, please include your mailing address in the body of the email.

If the item is available we will invoice you and you can either pick the item(s) up or we will ship them out to you after the invoice has been paid. 

*We will not take special orders for any used, collectible, out-of-print records or books. Please be sure to look into it before emailing a request.
Seriously, don't fucking email us about used records. 
i.e. - that album you've had on your Want List that hasn't been repressed since 1991 is not something we are able to take Special Orders for.

**We will not take special orders for RECORD STORE DAY. We may make exceptions for anyone that is local. DO NOT email us about RECORD STORE DAY.

*We cannot guarantee timing on arrival for any item that is special ordered and not currently present in the store. Expected arrival is usually 2 weeks to a month but cannot be guaranteed due to delays in manufacturing, shipping or fulfillment by our distributors.

*Furthermore, YOU are responsible for ensuring the item you are ordering is the correct item. As in, if you order a book and there have been several runs of that book with the same title, make sure you have included all details so you request the correct item.