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If you are looking for a job at Vinyl Fantasy, we are NOT hiring. Sorry! 

If you are looking to sell us your Vinyl Record Collection:
And then shoot us a message on instagram @VinylFantasyBK to tell us that you sent it. We pay super fair prices. I'll come to you to price, you can send me a list, or you can drop off your lot at the store. 

If you would like us to carry your bands Vinyl or Cassette:
If you're a local band, we only really only want to buy Punk, Metal, Experimental / Noise / Industrial / Ambient vinyl/cassettes. We DO NOT do consignment. We will pay you straight up for a few copies of whatever it is you're selling and only want to stock items that we truly like. Therefore, please be aware that what you bring in might just not be for us. Shoot us an email to or come into the store on a Saturday. If we look busy, we suggest you come back another day.

If you are are a Comic Creator looking to stock your self-published book in our store: 
Email with a pdf of your book, wholesale and retail prices. We DO NOT do consignment. We will pay you straight up for a few copies of whatever it is you're selling and only want to stock items that we truly like.

For Inquiries regarding PR, Interviews, Events, Filming, Photography, etc., in the VF Space. Please note that there is a minimum daily fee of $1,000 on weekdays. This fee helps us cover staff expenses and potential losses on days with no sales. On weekends, the fee is higher (to account for the revenue we generate and the impact of closing the store for the day).

If you are an artist, artisan, small designer, craftsperson, etc looking to stock in our 'Gift Section':
Email with a detailed line sheet w/ pictures and other necessary details.

Any other questions in regards to inventory can be directed to:

If you would like to carry Vinyl Fantasy-made products in your boutique or gift store, you can order WHOLESALE from us by do so through this link: Vinyl Fantasy Wholesaling

If you are interested in hiring ilana as an Illustrator or Designer for your band or business, or if you would like to commission her for artwork, please contact her at, ilanaEngelArtandDesign@gmail.comTo ensure a prompt response, kindly provide a detailed proposal of your project. Ilana spearheads all design-related responsibilities concerning Vinyl Fantasy's in-house products. Her portfolio includes designing album covers for various bands, work for The Black Heart Venue in London, the Two Minutes to Late Night show, and an international logistics company, as well as conceptualizing and executing the comprehensive branding for Galit Restaurant, an esteemed Michelin-starred establishment located in Chicago.

DO NOT email asking about Record Store Day releases, used records or out-of-print comics books you are looking for. We will immediately delete your email. Anything for sale in the store, is available on our webstore. Search for it. No, we do not sell our Used Records online. They are exclusively sold in our brick-n-mortar store.