Cursed Pirate Girl 2015 Annual #1


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CURSED PIRATE GIRL SPECIAL ANNUAL 2015 #1 #1 BOOM! STUDIOS (W/A/CA) Jeremy Bastian What's to Love: Jeremy Bastian's intricate artwork is unlike anything in modern comics, and his first Cursed Pirate Girl graphic novel has garnered wide critical acclaim. Now he's back to bring readers the next chapter of the Cursed Pirate Girl's adventures in this over-sized annual in the vein of Alice in Wonderland meets 19th-century political cartoons. What It Is: The fiery Cursed Pirate Girl and the young Apollonia continue their search for the pirate girl's father, one of the pirate captains of the dreaded Omerta Seas. This is the first annual installment of Volume 2 of Cursed Pirate Girl with 52 pages of all-new story.

(Jeremy Bastian is one of ilanas favorite contemporary illustrators)