Dicks - Hate the Police 7" (Split Yellow/Red Pressing)


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This summer marks 40 years since the release of what we feel is one the most important singles in American punk history. Fronted by an aggressive, openly gay, unrepentant communist, The Dicks were an elemental force in the early 80's Texas punk scene. Their influence on countless musicians, artists and activists world wide four decades later can be felt today. Sadly, instead of being an interesting artifact from a troubled time long since past, "Hate The Police" is still depressingly relevant. 1-2-3-4 Go! has taken great pains to faithfully reissue this legendary single. Re-mastered at Fantasy by George Horn in 2012 this is the best sounding version and only legitimate reissue since the original. The cover has been fully restored to it’s three color glory and comes with the lyric insert. All living band members have given their approval and are compensated before we press a single copy.