Gaoled - Bestial Hardcore Demo (Tape)


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Perth, Australia is known for lots of things but by far our favorite item is that it's the most isolated city in the whole fucking world. And if you've ever spent time in an isolated place you know it does some real damage to your psyche after a while. Growing up there must trigger all kinds of violence and paranoia. Musically, GAOLED (pronounced 'jailed') is exactly that, violent and paranoid power violence encrusted hardcore punk. Criminally raw. Originally released by the band themselves, 'Bestial Hardcore' has been largely unavailable so Iron Lung Records has made this utter filth available to a wider audience. People like to pretend they know what raw sounds like but this is genuine article. Bestial indeed.

200 pro-printed cassettes in toxic yellow shells with 4 panel J-Card housed in a clear/clear Norelco box. Recorded by Will "Whoopa" Hooper, at Stable Sound Studios, June 2021.Mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios. Art and layout by GAOLED.