Jinx Freeze

Crime has descended on the normally tranquil Riviera – a solid gold sculpture on loan from the Gurgleheim Museum has been stolen and the local police force are well out of their depth. They need help and they need it fast. But local Henshin hero King Gianthead Fighter Policeman O.X. is lost in a waking reverie of lucid dreams and his potential replacements – like Modern Tahzen and Danny Kildare the Space Priest – aren't faring much better. And why are people going into the Great Exhibition of 11851, the pop-up selfie experience in the middle of town, but not coming out again?
Fortunately, Marge Maggiore has picked up the trail and has a plan to catch the villains and save the day – if only she can clear her name for a crime she didn't commit!
Told through the twisted creative lens of Hurk in his long-awaited full-length technicolor debut, Jinx Freeze is a heist story unlike any you've read before!