Overcalc - Meaningless Terrain

Overcalc is the solo work of Nick Skrobisz(Multicult, The Wayward, etc) and is defined by "...experimentation, compressing improvised guitar into deduced forms, against semi-volatile electronic structures. Its premise is to feature human physiology reckoning with many machines in tandem. The confrontation of all their incongruent protocols at once, from a single vantage point, is meant as a proper display of our modern experience and trajectory. The desired effect upon the listener is hopefully one where competing distractions are seen to melt back into a singular perception...." "Pretty sure Overcalc is the one class every computer-science major hates but is required to take in order to graduate. It’s also the solo work of Nick Skrobisz of Multicult, and while Multicult are cool and all, I think Overcalc is his finest musical achievement to date! He plays guitar and programs electronics here, and it’s an expert-level melding of Tangerine Dream- / Ash Ra-style analog-synthesized processes and heavy metal theatrics care of the electric guitar. There are five tracks on the a-side, which investigate various hypothetical adventures (what if The Champs battled Jean Michel Jarre?), occasionally accompanied by electronic percussion or, more likely, solely the distinct pairing of computerized arpeggios and lightning-fast riffs. The b-side is entirely inhabited by “Bent Star”, and it’s the pinnacle of what he’s doing – honestly, where can he possibly go from here? Imagine if Iron Maiden stormed Manuel Göttsching’s E2-E4, Eddie cackling as he types “666” in bright glowing green letters across every computer monitor in the studio. It just keeps going and going, and getting deeper and more intense, the sort of musical thrill-ride I’m always looking to hop on for a spin. If this sounds remotely appealing to you, trust me, it is!" - Yellow Green Red