Severed+Said - Tragic Seeker (Tape)


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John Touchton aka Severed+Said’s third thaumaturgic synth document for NNF, “Tragic Seeker,” deftly conjures the mood and mythos of the Floridian void lurking behind its “eternal shores and menacing skylines.” Conceived and captured across three extended sessions at Jacksonville studio bunker Long Jump Records, the songs were repeated until they refracted, turning liquid and hypnotic. Drum machinery and spiral synthetics flicker in webs of midnight heat, dry ice, and isolation, simmering at the perimeter of forbidden portals. The album obliquely mirrors the alluring tropical oblivion artwork by native Florida painter Jason Gvvl – both blend mirage with malevolence, attuned to dreamscapes in decay. This is music of glimpses and vanishings, pitfalls and parallels, desire and undoing. To seek is to sink into depths unknown, under horizons still gleaming with the glow of other suns.