The Muffs - New Improved Kim Shattuck Demos (RSD 2022)


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A vinyl release of demos made by the late Kim Shattuck for The Muffs’ Really Really Happy album, with liner notes from The Muffs’ Ronnie Barnett. 

1. Really Really Happy (Demo)
2. Freak Out (Demo)
3. Everybody Loves You (Demo)
4. Something Inside (Demo)
5. And I Go Pow (Demo)
6. Don’t Pick On Me (Demo)
7. The Story Of Me (Demo)
8. A Little Luxury (Demo)
1. By My Side (Demo)
2. Fancy Girl (Demo)
3. How I Pass The Time (Demo)
4. I’m Here I’m Not (Demo)
5. Even Now (Demo)
6. Slow (Demo)
7. My Lucky Day (Demo)
8. Oh Poor You (Demo)