Treasury Of Puppies - s/t

"I'm considering, I'm considering, a move to Gothenburg... Alongside being in possession of the last great previously untaken band name, Treasury of Puppies arrive with a debut album that adds increasing cogency to the argument that Sweden is producing the most interesting new music in the world right now, with Gothenburg its spiritual point of convergence. The association with Förlag För Fri Musik provides ideal context (possibly even the inspiration, given how central the label is to modern Swedish music?) for the music of Charlott Malmenholt and Joakim Karlsson, which finds a midpoint between the late 80s/early 90s scorched earth underground of Siltbreeze & Xpressway and a more European tradition of avant / neo folk volksmusik, speaking as much to the haunted music box melodies of Brannten Schnurre as it does Current 93s horror of the countryside. Is this Sweden's hidden reverse? Or maybe this is just Sweden? You could resurrect a church inside this sound, devotional music that draws you in siren-like, the alternating sing-speak vocal deliveries both lullaby and gothic harbinger of... SOMETHING UNKNOWN. Can you levitate all the way to Gothenburg?" - World Of Echo