Tremor Dose

Everyone dreams, but are these dreams our own? Who controls our thoughts when we're sleeping? Ginn, is a young college student who has been having wildly disturbing nightmares featuring a man she has never met. When she finds a flyer with his picture and the question, "Have you dreamed this man?" she submits to an interview that begins to unravel her perceptions of reality.

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"No-one's interested in anyone else's dreams, They say. Show Them this. See them eat their words. Astoundingly rendered by Bailey, sharply constructed by Conrad, this is intimate like the inside of your eyelids and creepy as opening them and finding your eyes are gone."
- Kieron Gillen (The Wicked + The Divine, DIE)

"Creepy and gorgeous! A story you'll keep revisiting as you admire its complexities!"
- Chip Zdarsky (Spider-Man: Life Story, Sex Criminals) -

"All at once alluring and uncanny, Tremor Dose juxtaposes the familiar and the foreign in a fever-dream of a comic that will leave you in a cold sweat, gasping for more."
- Becky Cloonan (By Chance or Providence, Gotham Academy)