V/A - Generations: A Hardcore Compilation (Grey Vinyl)

"Generations: A Hardcore Compilation" brought together some of the best hardcore bands of the early '00s and serves as a defining compilation of the era. Featuring exclusive tracks only to be found on this compilation, "Generations: A Hardcore Compilation" exhibits the energy, depth and vitality of the hardcore/punk movement of that time, including Blacklisted (Philadelphia), Down To Nothing (Richmond), Mental (Boston), Internal Affairs (Los Angeles), Fucked Up (Toronto), Sinking Ships (Seattle), Lights Out (San Francisco) and Iron Boots (Virginia Beach). It stands as a testament that though the faces may change and the bands come and go, the music and the message remain. New pressing now available on grey marble vinyl.

Track Listing:

1. Go It Alone - The Late Shift
2. Lights Out - Never Stop
3. Lion Of Judah - They Won't Get Me
4. Blacklisted - Divorced
5. Iron Boots - Bizarre
6. Iron Boots - Locked In Sight
7. Keep It Up - Zero Tolerance
8. Snake Eyes - DC
9. Robot Whales - We Think We're Moving
10. Internal Affairs - City Of Angels
11. Sinking Ships - Turn My Headphones Up
12. Righteous Jams - The Fight/Your Game
13. Down To Nothing - I Will Win
14. Cold World - Stop Snitchin'
15. Mind Eraser - World Unfolds
16. Mind Eraser - Brought Back To Life
17. Fucked Up - Dropout
18. Mental - The Evils