Vic Chesnutt - Drunk (Limited Edition, Red and Orange Split Color Vinyl)


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Faithfully remastered and complete with thirteen bonus tracks, New West Records is proud to present Vic Chesnutt’s influential third full-length Drunk. Recorded over five total days, Drunk is marked by sparse instrumentation and minimal studio trickery that accent the depth of Chesnutt’s idiosyncratic lyrics and storytelling style. Bonus tracks feature B-sides, selections from an Inner Ear session and from a 1994 Radio Holland performance. This is a limited edition color vinyl pressing. The first pressing of this record in over five years.

On his third and maybe most conceptually complete album, Vic Chesnutt emerges as that rare kind of artist who can see right into the living room of small-town America. Drunk is a fine example of how he can turn seemingly self-absorbed songs into something strangely universal. In the end, it is probably that ability which makes his genius the most readily apparent. - All Music

If you let Drunk stay with you, thorns and all, the rewards only increase over time. - Pop Matters