Walt McClements - A Hole In The Fence

“I hope the essence of the record conveys the beauty and wonder and hope of secret worlds,” Los Angeles composer Walt McClements says, discussing the role of subcultural societies on his new LP A Hole In The Fence. Solely created with an accordion, the album takes notes from contemporary classical, drone, and electronic music. “When I look at my life and what has inspired wonder in me,” the composer explains, “I find a thread of secret, somewhat hidden worlds that I've been involved with. Underground music as a teenager certainly may have been a first world I discovered that filled me with awe and place.” Pairing his glacial, meticulous music with personal experiences of artistic, traveling, and queer subcultures, McClements has created an evocative soundtrack, paralleling a lifelong journey stumbling through doorways, portals, and hidden passages to find his place in the universe.