What's The Furthest Place From Here, Vol 1

From Eisner nominated artist Tyler Boss (4 Kids Walk Into A Bank, Dead Dog's Bite) and bestselling writer Matthew Rosenberg (DC vs. Vampires, Uncanny X-Men) comes an epic adventure about growing up and getting lost at the end of the world. When 16 year-old Sid goes missing in the wastelands, it's up to the members of her gang to try to discover what happened. But what they find is a whole world beyond anything they could imagine. Like Lord of the Rings meets Lord of the Flies, or John Carpenter by way of John Hughes, this series smashes together sci-fi and fantasy with elements of comedy, horror, and mystery for an emotional coming-of-age story unlike anything you've read before.

This oversized volume collects the first arc of the breakout hit series James Tynion IV calls "What the future of comics SHOULD feel like." Collects issues 1-6.