Yith - Passage

"The emotional power of the melodic riffing is the heart of the album, which will come as no surprise to those of you who’ve heard the two previous full-lengths, but the emotions evoked by the music are again unmistakably dark—ranging from frenzied torment to utter despair and inconsolable surrender to the torments of life. The music intertwines the crushing wretchedness and heartbreak of doom, which come to the fore in the songs’ more stately and sodden passages, with the harsh, roiling turbulence of black metal and feverish tremolo’d chords that radiate madness and terrible misery."—No Clean Singing  "Across the entire album, the instrumentals shine — the vocals, when they are present, mesh into the mix like an echo from another dimension. The music feels resolute, which only makes the weight of the sonic despair even more crushing. 5/5 Stars"—Captured Howls